You can already relax with simple means. For example, by listening to music, reading, going for a walk, bathing, doing sports or going to a concert. Such methods relax because they create experiences of satisfaction. These are also called passive methods.

But there are also active relaxation techniques. They have a targeted and systematic effect on the organism. Active relaxation methods include progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training. The effects are scientifically well researched and proven.


Relaxation techniques

  • release tension and calm
  • train the body perception
  • help to reduce physical-emotional arousal in stressful situations
  • make you more resilient and increase your stress tolerance
  • help you to become more relaxed and satisfied in the long term
  • reduce already existing psychosomatic complaints such as tension headaches, cardiac or circulatory disorders
  • help with chronic complaints
  • can be used as an immediate aid in acute stress situations.


Everyone can relax: for example, by listening to music, reading, going for a walk, swimming, doing sports or going to a concert.

However, in order to achieve and get the most out of the relaxation time, the Learning special relaxation techniques at professional guidance a significant advantage.

These techniques have a targeted and systematic effect on the organism.

So if you want to achieve the optimal result for you and your body, then our offer is just right for you.


Coaching and training require not only skill, experience and professional work, but first and foremost one thing: trust. In this context, we can not only draw on many years of experience, but also have the relevant certifications and training.


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