NEW: Brain training according to KORT X

NEU: Gehirntraining nach KORT X Wir freuen uns, euch mit “Gehirntraining nach KORT X” einen neuen Leistungsbereich vorstellen zu können. Kort.X ist ein Gehirntraining, das auf aktuellen wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen basiert. Es kombiniert koordinative Bewegungsaufgaben mit Gedächtnis- und Konzentrationsübungen (einfach formuliert: Du bewegst Dich und denkst gleichzeitig.) Mehr erfahren

Relaxation and burnout prevention

There's always something going on at home and at work. Your stress level is constantly rising. But why did we manage it for a while and now we can't anymore? Our stress hormone cortisol is constantly rising, preventing the formation of its counterparts dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin. While the cortisol level drops again when the stress subsides, the "counterpart hormones" ... Read More

New ways

We were out testing new Nordic Walking routes for you :-). You can look forward to great routes through the forest. Your team from "For body and soul".

Health basics of Nordic Walking

Did you know that Nordic Walking improves the cardiovascular functions, the back and upper body muscles as well as the posture, stimulates the fat metabolism and reduces stress at the same time? Come to one of our courses and learn more about the positive effects of Nordic Walking. Your "For body and soul" team