In addition to courses in Nordic Walking and Fitness Walking, we also offer coaching on relaxation techniques and burnout prevention. Our offer is rounded off by children's training courses in which we offer coordination and movement for children of primary school age.


In Germany, a completely new endurance sport has been established for a few years now, which, as a year-round method, optimally trains people with almost all their muscles and is also huge fun.

And this boom of using the poles to train one's whole body, to get new energies and to get a special swing is still going on.


Walking fitness is one of the latest fitness trends. And not without good reason.

Regular walking reduces the risk of high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, diabetes and also causes fewer injuries than its big brother - jogging.

Walking Fitness works in principle like Nordic Walking, but without poles and with integrated fitness exercises.


You can already relax with simple means. For example, by listening to music, reading, going for a walk, bathing, doing sports or going to a concert. Such methods relax because they create experiences of satisfaction. These are also called passive methods.

But there are also active relaxation techniques. They have a targeted and systematic effect on the organism. Active relaxation methods include progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training. The effects are scientifically well researched and proven.


Burnout is not destiny! You can effectively protect yourself from the agonising feeling of being burnt out and completely exhausted by taking preventive measures.

Above all, it is important to recognise behavioural patterns through which one harms oneself - often unconsciously - and thus drives oneself into the bournout trap.

We answer your question "How can I prevent burnout?"


Many children suffer from problems with their coordination and motor skills. Unfortunately, children nowadays generally move too little and rarely do sports. Instead, mobile phones and computer games have become more and more interesting and important.

The eye only follows what is happening straight ahead. But the child no longer sees what is happening around it.

In our courses, children learn to train their coordination and motor skills and to promote development.


In our entire range of services, we pursue a holistic approach: the focus is on the client and his or her physical and mental well-being.
And here one must carefully sound out which range of services can best address their needs.
Maybe sometimes just "exercise" is the right thing to do, in another case maybe learning relaxation techniques is the way to a better well-being.


Coaching and training require not only skill, experience and professional work, but first and foremost one thing: trust. In this context, we can not only draw on the corresponding years of experience, but also have the corresponding certifications and training.


There are many reasons for working with us. In addition to a comprehensive portfolio of services, we offer a wide range ofns the following things:


We take you and your concerns seriously and are respectful in our dealings with each other.


We follow up every request with due professionalism, no matter from which area


You can rely on us: we keep our promises, whether verbally or in writing.

Everything from one source

You have only one contact person: we accompany you from the beginning to the end of your request