Burnout is not destiny! You can effectively protect yourself from the agonising feeling of being burnt out and completely exhausted by taking preventive measures.

Above all, it is important to recognise behavioural patterns through which one harms oneself - often unconsciously - and thus drives oneself into the bournout trap.

We answer your question "How can I prevent burnout?"


High workload and time pressure: If these two factors work together over a long period of time, burnout is not an inevitable consequence, but the probability of it increases significantly. However, it is not only the pressure of deadlines and overwork that form the The breeding ground of a burnout syndrome.

Not every person in the same situation automatically gets a burnout, because the cause is often much deeper and manifests itself in behavioural patterns. We help you to recognise and understand these behavioural patterns and to react accordingly.


Work overload and overwork are not the only causes of burnout: there is always a latent disposition in the people affected.

In other words, under the same conditions, some suffer burnout but others do not.

So our appointments are not only about avoiding overwork and stress, but also about recognising and avoiding personal behaviour patterns.

It is also about "breaking habits", i.e. to face certain situations differently in the future.

As trained Burnout counsellor and Gamechanger we make you in our appointments with the Recognise individual behaviour patternsand their causes and strategies for individual burnout prevention.


Coaching and training require not only skill, experience and professional work, but first and foremost one thing: trust. In this context, we can not only draw on the corresponding years of experience, but also have the corresponding certifications and training.


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